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Carnival Edition: 90s Part 1

The 90’s; a decade of fashion amazing style, fashion and music, ground breaking in many aspects including Notting Hill Carnival.

Notting Hill Carnival is like no other – the eclectic mix of people creates a deeper connection with the different cultures in London, which means at Carnival what you hear isn’t one sound, but many. Each sound is very distinctive in it’s own right but it’s the fact that they are all blended together to create an experience like no other, that makes Notting Hill Carnival so uniquely special.

This mix pays homage to that London Notting Hill Carnival experience.

Kings of the Dancehall

1980s – early 1990s

After the Coronation of the King in the UK, we (jokingly) said that the “only Kings we recognise are the Kings Of The Dancehall)” and stated the Kings of the era’s – which of course is always up for debate. Serocee has put together a mix of some of the Dancehall Kings of the 80’s and early 90’s.

People always talk about the 90’s being dancehall’s “Golden Era” but without the contribution deejays and singers like Yellowman, Tiger, Ninjaman, Supercat, Admiral Bailey, Wayne Wonder, Cocoa T, Cutty Ranks, Frankie Paul, Michigan and Smiley, and many, many others, we would not have the Dancehall we love today.

So, this is an appreciation mix to salute the Kings of The Dancehall.